Frequently Asked Questions

What exchanges do you use?
We mainly use Binance and KuCoin at the moment, but you are free to use any exchange. Just make sure to re-chart the setups using your preferred exchange. The training videos will teach you how to draw your own charts using any exchange.

How many setups are posted in the group?
Multiple setups are posted everyday by the Guru and other members.

Do you accept monthly payments?
Yes! We accept debit and credit card payments.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes! If you pay in crypto to support the cause.

Where do I access the training videos?
We use a private Facebook group for the training videos so if you don’t have a Facebook account you will need to create one.

Where do I access the setups?
We use Telegram for the chat rooms. The setups are located in the telegram rooms.

  • Room 1 Announcements – Setups and trading tips from Crypto Guru
  • Room 2 Volume alerts and new coin listings – Receive alerts when new coins are listed on Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro. Receive volume alerts on more than 80 of the top performing cryptos
  • Room 3 Beginner charts and TA questions – Room for beginners or post charts to have them analyzed for accuracy and ask technical analysis questions.
  • Room 4 Bitcoin only – Bitcoin and market updates
  • Room 5 Altcoins only – Altcoin charts from group members
  • Room 6 News and Fundamentals that move the market – Room for members to post news articles and other information that could be useful for trades or potentially move the market.
  • Room 7 Chat – Join a community of crypto friends from all over the world that you can chat with, ask questions, and trade with in some play by play action! We have a wonderful community where everyone is calling out breakouts and moving calls to help each other win big!

Will I miss setups if I’m in a different time zone?
No. New setups are posted all the time. There is always an opportunity available. I try to post my setups early so everyone can set alerts for our entry levels. The group contains people from all over the world that post setups and the group is active 24/7. 

How much can I earn trading crypto?
Cryptocurrency has been the best performing asset class for the past decade. You can earn a tremendous amount of money in very short amounts of time, and multiply your portfolio many times over. There have been members in the group that have 10X their portfolios in a matter of weeks. It all depends on your skill level. The more you learn, the more you earn! DO NOT skip the training videos.